We welcome Al-Azhar Al-Sharif stance calling for preserving Iraq unity and rejecting separation demands

October -2- 2017

Al-Azhar's statement stressed rejection " separation demands that are taking place in the northern regions of the Republic of Iraq, the increasing demands for the separation of these regions from fraternal Iraq, we stressing the rejection of these calls, And our keenness on Iraq integrity, affirming that separation demands, division and the conducting of a referendum were the subject of rejection of the world community and Arab in particular.
Al-Azhar believes that such calls lead to an increase in the Arab and Islamic nation's division to achieve colonial schemes by dividing their countries on sectarian and ethnic bases. "As stated in the statement published on the official website of Al-Azhar.

We renew our clear and firm position in rejecting the unconstitutional and illegal referendum in the Kurdistan region and to take constitutional and legal measures to preserve the unity of the country and the interests of citizens, Arabs, Kurds and other minorities.

We appreciate this stance and the other international positions that support the unity of Iraq, the unity of its people, its communities and all its components.

Media Office of the Prime Minister

October -2- 2017