An Invitation to Preserve Our Heritage: Handing Over Iraqi Cultural Works and Artifacts

In light of the Iraqi government's efforts to protect and preserve Iraq's cultural and historical heritage, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington calls upon all Iraqis and friends to contribute to these efforts by handing over any Iraqi visual works (archaeological & cultural artifacts) whether original or replica, they may possess.
This call reaffirms the importance of our national heritage as an integral part of our cultural and historical identity, which requires all of us to work together to protect and preserve it.

Cultural and archaeological artifacts are a vital part of our history and heritage. Therefore, we urge everyone who possesses these cultural treasures to contact us to arrange their safe delivery to the relevant authorities in Iraq. We appreciate your contributions to protect our heritage and we are so keen that each piece will be taken care of and given attention to ensure its continuity as a testament to our rich culture and history.