Foreign Policy

In the last 10 years, Iraq has undergone a dramatic, rapid, and positive transformation and is making progress after decades of war and instability inflicted by Saddam Hussein. Today, the Republic of Iraq is restoring its natural role as a critical global partner and a stabilizing force in the Middle East. Iraq can be a positive factor for regional stability and a friendly, peaceful country that respects national interests and understands the security concerns of our neighbors.

The priorities and objectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs include:

  • protecting Iraq's security, stabilizing the country and preserving Iraq's territorial integrity;
  • restoring international diplomatic bilateral relations and re-engaging the international community in Iraq's reconstruction and development;
  • reconstructing our economy and infrastructure to raise the standard of living of the Iraqi people;
  • reactivating Iraq's diplomatic missions and promoting Iraqi political, economic, social, and cultural interests;
  • rejoining, and engaging in multi-lateral bodies;
  • reforming the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its activities based on new values and principles;
  • pursuing our chosen path of democratization within the framework of sovereignty, unity and equal citizenship.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively pursuing normalization of diplomatic relations with the international community on the basis of cooperation and respect for mutual interests and international law and is promoting and protecting Iraq's interests through active participation in multilateral forums and initiatives. The new Iraq is committed to upholding the universal principles of human rights, democracy and good governance, and we reject the illegal proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
In the Middle East region, our priorities are to rebuild and enhance Iraq's bilateral relations through an active and transparent foreign policy to reengage our neighbors, strengthen relations with Arab countries and improve relations with the broader Islamic community. We are reaching out to our neighbors and the Arab countries through participation in multilateral forums, including the Arab League, and by encouraging regional cooperation based on historical cultural ties and geographic proximity.

Iraq remains committed to its Islamic identity and, as the home to some of Islam's holiest sites; we have established procedures for religious tourism and promoting cultural exchange.

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