Radiating Iraqi Culture at around the World Embassy Tour in Washington DC: an Introductory Experience on Heritage and Diversity

As part of the around the World Embassy Tour event in Washington, D.C., within the Passport DC program, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the United States received more than 5,113 visitors, providing a unique and distinctive cultural experience to its visitors.

This event is a valuable opportunity for visitors to explore the beauty and diversity of Iraqi culture; it demonstrated a comprehensive overview of the deep heritage and civilization of Mesopotamia. Through traditional arts’ performances, diverse cultural performances, and traditional costume shows, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the rich Iraqi culture.

It was also an opportunity to taste delicious traditional foods that reflect the history and heritage of the country, through tasty dishes generously presented to visitors.

This event features the Embassy's commitment to promoting cultural exchange and introducing the beauty and diversity of Iraqi culture to the world .